the end / SPRING BREAK

the end / SPRING BREAK looks back at the work of the curatorial collective of the same name founded by artists/curators domingo castillo flores and Patricia Margarita Hernández. Between 2010 and 2015, Castillo and Hernández, at times, along with Kathryn Marks and Cristina Kiwi Farah, organized over 300 events, performances, and exhibitions throughout South Florida.

Marked by a collective spirit influenced by experimental pedagogy and para-institutional practices, the collective created support networks and opportunities for artists to experiment within the hyper-capitalist development that has shaped the Miami skyline as we know it now. They were driven by the scarcity of financial and brick-and-mortar support for artists and artist-run organizations that followed the 2008 financial c(r)ash (grab). They saw themselves without opportunity, disconnected from the Contemporary Art world that Miami increasingly decided to gravitate toward—alienated from everything except one another.

Their programs featured artists and worked with Miami-Dade county residents such as Marilyn Gottlieb-Roberts, Laz Rodriguez, Cristine Brache, Naomi Fisher, K.O. Nnamdie, Dave Brieske, Tatiana Vahan, Misael Soto, Romulo del Castillo, Monica Uszerowicz, Tara Long, Nick Klein, Eli Oviedo & Dorys Bello (Dracula), Beatriz Monteavaro, Dana Bassett, Autumn Casey, Anthony Munis, Aramis Gutierrez, Agatha Wara, Claire Breukel, Dino Felipe, Carlos Rigau, Kat Toledo, Brad Lovett, Nicolas Lobo, Tiffany Chestler, Rat Bastard, Manuel Torres, Jenna Balfe, Mr. Fethers, Cynthia Cruz, Clayton Deutsch, Rob Goyanes, Rick Guerre, Nicole Doran, Kevin Arrow, Emily Mello, Abel Folgar, Dan Serro, Nicholas Ruiz, Agustina Woodgate, Anthony Spinello, George Sánchez-Calderón, Cara Despain, Liz Ferrer, Pioneer Winter, Leonardo Valencia, Adler Guerrier, Matt Priera, Denise Delgado and a whole cast of people who helped them skeem, hustle and chill in order to make everything possible.

They also collaborated with art organizations such as Bas Fisher Invitational, Roofless Records, [NAME], Schematic Music Company, la cueva, General Practice, The Bakery, Formalist Sidewalk Poetry Club, The de la Cruz Collection, New World School of the Arts Studios, Miami Design District, Alfred I. Dupont Building, Locust Projects, University of Wynwood, and the Miami Art Museum as it transitioned into the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

The exhibition at [NAME] includes a facsimile of a publication produced by the end / SPRING BREAK in 2015 wrapping the interior space along with ephemera, reproductions of digital material, and other documentation. the end / SPRING BREAK marks the inclusion of the collective’s archive of images, correspondence, and website into [NAME]’s upcoming Migrant Archive platform.

Opening reception: Saturday May 11, 5–9 pm
with performances by SEF, doris dana, and Romulo del Castillo
Exhibition on view through July 6, 2024

the end / SPRING BREAK is made possible with the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners; Teiger Foundation and The Jorge M. Pérez Family Foundation at The Miami Foundation.

Event Details
6572 SW 40th Street
Miami, FL 33155