You’re Welcome/ Rodrigo Morales/ The Complete Files

[NAME] Publications presents the exhibition, You’re Welcome/ Rodrigo Morales/ The Complete Files, edited by Dennis Balk. Following the publication of Seven Eleven, The Complete Files (Channel 171), this exhibition is the first public offering of this digressive, culturally sensitive material. The exhibition includes the preparatory design compositions produced by Rodrigo Morales—a personality in the Seven Eleven chronicle—in the form of mood boards and t-shirt composition studies. Also included are several of the large panels that contain the cloaked, prose-like communication that streamed through the cash register during the event.

The author(s) of these peculiar transmissions remain unknown. For those unfamiliar with the story, Morales disappeared in the Nevada desert under what the investigators have called suspicious circumstances. There exists a direct connection between the Nevada occurrence and the files streamed through the cash register; however, the exact circumstances are yet to be determined. The material presented in the fabric prints will prove challenging to those who attend the exhibition with the intention of resolving outstanding clues in the ongoing investigation. The forthcoming Journal/ Document: My Seven Eleven/ Rodrigo Morales, produced for the exhibition by [NAME], will include the complete set of journals and interviews, including eyewitness accounts and a selection of previously unpublished critical backstories.

Download free PDF of exhibition tabloid here

Opening Reception
Saturday November 11, 2023
free and open to the public
parking available along the front of building or in the back

You’re Welcome/ Rodrigo Morales/ The Complete Files is made possible through the generous support of Teiger Foundation and The Jorge M. Pérez Family Foundation at The Miami Foundation.

Event Details
6572 SW 40th Street
Miami, FL 33155