Dino Felipe: Wigs on Trees


An elusive phenomenon who hailed out of the Miami IDM scene of the 2000s, Dino Felipe has been making music and artwork in his bedroom for almost twenty years.  Much like his musical practice, Dino’s drawings and photographs are reminiscent of visual dream journals, teetering and tweaking in an abstract vibrational rhythm that is both homebody aesthetics and postdigital meltdown. Wigs on Trees features drawings and other works on paper that he has produced since 2018, as well as photographs he’s been taking for over a decade. The work documents his ongoing journey in altered states of consciousness and the universal symbols, marks, and forms that he connects with along the way.

Along with his exhibition, Felipe will publish a limited run journal and has designed a t-shirt that will be available at [NAME].

Opening reception:

Saturday, February 18, 2023
free and open to the public

*Audio track:  “Color Motion Picture” from the album The Gardeners (2021), by Dino Felipe.

Download free PDF of exhibition tabloid publication


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Dino Felipe: Wigs on Trees - Dino Felipe