Dino Felipe

Dino Felipe (born February 27, 1978) is a Miami-based recording artist of Cuban descent. Deemed a “sound wizard” by Pitchfork, he is known primarily for the varying textures of his music, which can simultaneously resemble experimental noise, post-punky cold wave, lo-fi pop, digital bebop and danceable rhythms. He has also recorded with FKTRN, , Hair & Nails, Old Bombs, and several other collaborative projects. He generally makes music using home recording techniques and electronic drums, guitars, bass guitar, a Korg SH-202, FX Processors, Vocals, and various computer software.

Felipe began recording music at the age of six and continued into his teenage years, releasing his first cassettes on noise labels such as Spite, White Tapes, Freedom From, and CDs on Public Eyesore with FKTRN, Hair & Nails and Fantasy Roxx.
His cassettes were discovered by Schematic Records in 2001 which eventually led to his first official release, Dino Felipe : As Flim Toby, on Schematic, prompting Dusted Magazine to refer to him as the “enfant terrible of the Atlanta-Miami bass glitch axis”. After four releases and compilation appearances on Schematic, he began to work with other labels such as Rolax, No Fun Productions, Soft Abuse, Recession Recordings, and Bananas Eat Girl.

Notoriously prolific, Felipe has released and made appearances on 49 albums as of 2010, only half of which are catalogued at his Discogs page. Since 1999, he has collaborated and released with a number of musicians including Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer, (as Felipe and Forté), Carlos Giffoni (as Old Bombs), and Wolf Eyes. In 2010, musician R. Stevie Moore recorded a cover of Dino Felipe’s “Been Waiting” on his 2010 album, Space Bar.

In 2003, Felipe performed at the Sonic Lights Festival in Amsterdam along with Maryanne Amacher and at the Transmediale music festival in Berlin. In 2005, Finesse & Runway performed at the cultures Electroni festival in France.

Also a visual artist, Felipe works with a variety of media and creates most of his own album art. In 2010, his installation Desert Animals was showcased as part of the the end/SPRING BREAK project in Miami. In 2008, he was commissioned, along with Miami-based artist Federico Nessi and as part of art collective Psychic Youth, Inc to create a mural for local record store Sweat Records. In 2007, three pages of his work were published in Penny-Ante Book #2. As part of his work in the visual arts, he designs tee-shirts by hand and alters jeans under a homegrown clothing line, Shirts & Schtuff Inc., all of which he sells from home.

As part of painter Francesco LoCastro’s “love letter to Miami,” he photographed and painted Dino Felipe for an exhibit at Butter Gallery.

In December 2010, the Miami New Times voted his album My Vomit Is A Crystal Ball a “big winner” for their top Miami albums of 2010.

As of 2010, Felipe has worked as a producer, mastering music for artists such as This Heart Electric, R. Stevie Moore, Haunted House, Animals of the Arctic. He does not tour often due to his lack of a booking agent and his inability to drive.

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