Dennis Balk: Exhibition Merchandise

Made in collaboration with [NAME] on the occasion of the exhibition You’re Welcome/ Rodrigo Morales/ The Complete Files, these handmade bags are made with luxury satin and feature exclusive prints made for the exhibition. As described in The Cut: Style Vision and Culture the line of apparel and objects produced for this presentation sit at “an interesting intersection at the point where luxury-based fashion is infused with pop street wear and the semiotics of disposable culture, which is exactly the point and perhaps not all that unique or original. The bonus, for we the attendees, is the inventive historical schism, which is implied by the influence of modernist Hannah af Klimt’s physics that fulfills the expectation of originality.”

Available in five designs, with a limited edition of 2 bags for each design: Mountain Dew (with custom label), Dorito Grid (with custom label), Dorito Swirl (with custom label), Orange Crush (with custom label), and Slurpee (no label). When purchasing, message us to claim your bag!



Item Details
Dennis Balk: Exhibition Merchandise - Dennis Balk
15 x 12 1/2 inches + 11" straps + 3" gusset