Steal Your Face: Artist talk and film screening

Join us on Saturday, April 13, 2024, at 3 pm for a screening and artist discussion featuring Kevin Arrow and Bookleggers Library founding director Nathaniel Sandler. We’ll be presenting Arrow’s films Home Movie (ca. 1983) and Harmonic Convergence (1987–2010) in conjunction with the exhibition Steal Your Face.

Home Movie (ca. 1983)
Super 8 transferred to video

Home Movie, circa 1983, is a tour of Arrow’s 1980s residence located in unincorporated northeast Dade county. Shot on Super 8 film about fifteen years before MTV Cribs first aired, this short film riffs on the tradition of amateur home movies from the 1950s and 60s in both style and title.

Harmonic Convergence (1987-2010)
Super 8 Film transferred to DVD
Sound Track:
FAUST, “The Faust Tapes “(1973, Virgin)

Harmonic Convergence, 1987–2010, refers to the New Age astrological term applied to a planetary alignment that occurred on August 16 to 17, 1987. The timing of the Harmonic Convergence allegedly correlates with the Maya calendar, with some consideration also given to European and Asian astrological traditions. The chosen dates have the distinction of allegedly marking a planetary alignment with the Sun, Moon, and six out of eight planets being “part of the grand trine.” Harmonic Convergence is also a travelogue/homage documenting past “On the road” experiences, influenced by the personal films of Jonas Mekas, the stream of consciousness writing of Jack Kerouac, and the “cut up” method of William S. Burroughs. Comprised of film shot over the course of two decades and incorporating found super 8 footage, the film is an homage to friends and family, past and present, living and gone.

Event Details
6572 SW 40th Street
Miami, FL 33155