Drowning in Futures: Modeling Climate Grief

“As we witness the incoming deluge of the climate crisis, how can we mourn at the scale of a species? For a species? On the scale of the planet? What is the duration of mourning at that scale?”

-Diann Bauer

Drowning in Futures: Modeling Climate Grief  is a screening and gathering hosted by  A.S.T. (The Alliance of the Southern Triangle) and [NAME] Publications in tribute to artist and friend Diann Bauer. In addition to celebrating Diann’s life and work, the day’s conversations will center around what it means to understand, grieve, and prepare for a future planet impacted by climate change. These conversations will be guided by ideas of collectivity, imaging, temporarily, and the persistence of alliances—all of which have been central to both A.S.T and Bauer’s artistic practices. The event will feature a screening of This Will Happen in Time (2015), Scalar Oscillation (2018), Time Itself is Otherwise (2018), and Prologue: Politics as Palliative Care of the Species (2019) as well as contributions by A.S.T., Stephanie Wakefield, Suhail Malik, and Natalia Zuluaga.

Sunday, August 21, 5–9PM
This gathering is free and open to the public.



Diann Bauer, Prologue: Politics as Palliative Care of the Species (2019). 11:21 mins

Diann Bauer, Scalar Oscillation (2018). 2:59 mins

Diann Bauer, Time Itself is Otherwise (2018), Video installation projected on to Queen Mary University, London. Supported by Queen Many University, Bow Arts and the Nunnery Gallery. 7:35 mins

Diann Bauer, This Will Happen in Time (2015), Collaborative video/lecture/performance with Christoph Cox for the launch of Realism/Materialism/Art, book launch,The New Museum, NY. 18:19 mins

Event Details
6572 SW 40th Street
Miami, FL 33155