WEIRD MIAMI airboat tour with Marilyn Gottlieb-Roberts

[NAME] Publications and Bas Fisher Invitational present a WEIRD MIAMI bus tour by Marilyn Gottlieb-Roberts

Sunday, December 17th, 7pm-10:30pm

Tickets are $45
Only 37 tickets available.

Tickets include a copy of Gottlieb-Robert’s A Durable Tale, a nighttime airboat ride, and an adult beverage.

Join us for a tour of the night sky on a hammock in the Everglades on the occasion of Marilyn Gottlieb-Roberts’ book A Durable Tale. Published by NAME Publications this 188-page, four-chapter, artist book traces the research Gottlieb-Roberts has conducted on a series of constellations over the past 30 years. Covering her experiences in Georgia, Mali and Florida, A Durable Tale is a mix of folklore, astronomy, mythology, and Gottlieb Roberts’ drawings, notes, and memories of these constellations.

This program was made possible through the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners and the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation.

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