The Time Complex. Post-Contemporary

Edited by Armen Avanessian and Suhail Malik, designed by Federico Pérez Villoro with drawings by Andreas Töpfer. Contributions by Benjamin Bratton, Elena Esposito, Victoria Ivanova, Laboria Cuboniks, Aihwa Ong, David Roden, Nick Srnicek & Alex Williams.

Time is changing. Human agency and experience lose their primacy in the complexity and scale of social organization today. The leading actors are instead complex systems, infrastructures and networks in which the future replaces the present as the structuring condition of time. As the political Left and Right struggle to deal with this new situation, we are increasingly wholly pre-empted and post-everything. The contributions in The Time Complex. Post-Contemporary re-localize the present as part of a changed, speculative time complex and draw a precise diagnosis of the situation in order to negotiate speculative predictions of a future presence.



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The Time Complex. Post-Contemporary - Armen Avanessian
ISBN 9780984056616
7 x 4 in
165 pages
  • Ed. Armen Avanessian
    Ed. Suhail Malik
    Andreas Töpfer
    Benjamin Bratton
    Elena Esposito
    Victoria Ivanova
    Aihwa Ong
    Laboria Cuboniks
    David Roden
    Nick Srnicek
    Alex Williams