Dark Nights of the Universe

In April of 2012 authors Daniel Colucciello Barber, Alexander Galloway, Nicola Masciandaro, and Eugene Thacker presented a four-night theoretical exploration of mysticism in dialogue with “Du Noir Univers,” a text by François Laruelle at Recess in conjunction with The Public School (NY). Dark Nights of the Universe is the culmination and transcription of these presentations including artwork by Aaron Metté:

“Last Spring, members of the Cascadian School gathered for a discussion on abattoirs, illumination, and misanthropy. Our findings tended not to reveal anything we didn’t already suspect, which is as good an excuse as any for reconvening, one year later. And so Daniel, Nicola, Alex, and myself have gathered here for four nights, to talk about mysticism. Our take-off point is a short text by François Laruelle entitled “Du Noir Univers,” published in 1988 in the journal La Décision Philosophique. The text has four parts, and each of us have decided to speak alongside each of those four parts, on four consecutive nights.” -Eugene Thacker

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Dark Nights of the Universe - Eugene Thacker
ISBN 9780984056675
9 x 6 in.
110 pgs.