Adler Guerrier: Scenes from a Verdant Place

Adler Guerrier’s Scenes from a Verdant Place fuses personal snapshots of tropical backyards and other greens spaces with digitally recovered geometric exercises reminiscent of modernism’s progressive impulses. The strange combination of these two distant worlds generates a tension that not only holds the book together but that reveals the strange hybridizations that happen at geographic and discursive edges and the jerry-rigged conceptual assemblages that often tease potentials from the seemingly-spent forms that have been left behind. Things supposedly expired (geometric abstraction) and things supposedly minor (personal photographs) are twined here into new compositions, which, in their quiet way, pipeline the increasingly-effaced histories of both the Black Atlantic and the modernist project to the surface. And more than this: they pipeline back into the picture the vital translations that major forms undergo in their passage from the Metropolis to the unruly territories of the margins.

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Adler Guerrier: Scenes from a Verdant Place - Adler Guerrier
ISBN 9780984056682
9 x 9 in.
40 pgs.