Dark Trajectories: Politics of the Outside

Faced with multiple crises — including omnipresent economic meltdown, looming ecological disaster, voracious techno-capitalism, and an anemic left — the critical focus of the last thirty years of philosophy has often seemed inadequate at confronting and explaining the real material concerns that undergird these issues. Dark Trajectories is a compilation of texts that examines the impact of a new realism on contemporary political issues. Philosophical discussions have increasingly turned away from postmodern and critical theory and towards a reconsideration of the real beyond an anthropocentric horizon. This opening to the outside entails new perspectives and implications for any philosopher attempting to think a politics beyond the human. The authors here present work that engages these issues from a variety of perspectives, including accelerationist, constructivist, critical, feminist, and more. With contributions by Levi Bryant, Gean Moreno, Reza Negarestani, Benjamin Noys, Nick Srnicek, Christian Thorne, Alex Williams, and Ben Woodard.

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Dark Trajectories: Politics of the Outside - Joshua Johnson
ISBN 9780984056699
7 x 4.25 in.
156 pgs.