In collaboration with Seoul Museum of Art, [NAME] Publications will be co-publishing THIS TOO, IS A MAP, AN ANTHOLOGY, a volume that informs the investigative textual, and visual ideas of the 12th Seoul Mediacity Biennale (SMB12).

SMB12, which will run from September 21–November 19, 2023, was developed to imagine the global aesthetics of the non-territorial, focusing on alternative concepts of mediating and relating that live outside of borders and looks to the necessity of abstractions and hidden and deliberately obscured languages to communicate shared existence. Edited by Rachael Rakes, the biennale’s artistic director, and Sofía Dourron, and designed by So-Hyun Bae and Laura Richard, this anthology complements the exhibition and events of SB12 as a stand-alone, research-focused volume that brings together text-based and visual contributions by artists, researchers, and writers from around the world including Dele Adeyemo, Don Mee Choi, Jieun Cho (ikkibawiKrrr), Kat Ditzig and Anissa Rahadiningtyas, Kim Hyesoon, María Lugones, Min Kyung Lee, Nishat Awan, Rachael Rakes, Sohyun Park, Sofía Dourron, Steffani Jemison, and Taeyoon Choi. The chorus of contributions contend with such topics as migrant and diasporic narratives and their entanglements with global industrial networks; poetic, philosophical, and feminist readings of inhabitation in the context of territorial borders and fluid identities; decolonial implications of translation and colonial languages of geology and geography; revisionary mappings of infrastructures and cybernetics; and the circularity of extractivism and e-waste disposal. It proposes narratives and images that serve as navigational tools for a future world beyond nation-state borders.

THIS TOO, IS A MAP, AN ANTHOLOGY will launch during the opening of the biennial and will be ready to ship in the US in mid-October. Additional details about SMB12’s theme, full artist list, and program may be found at the project’s official website.




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THIS TOO, IS A MAP, AN ANTHOLOGY (preorder) - Rachael Rakes